About me

Hi there my name’s Yumi and like most of you I’m a mom.

Have you ever felt those days where you just don’t know what to cook or prepare for the day?

A new exciting taste that will make their day brighter because we all know our meal means much more to them than we think?

Well, you came to the right place.


Here are some of the things I would love you to learn:

1.  Japanese style cuisine

  • Japanese traditional cuisine
  • How does Japanese preserve food. (i.e. Tsukemono 漬物 , Daily dish 惣菜& etc.)
  • Tips for Bento arrangement

2.  Japanese life style  (coming soon)

  • Learn about Japanese culture, tradition and special events on the beautiful city of Sendai.

3.  My favorite Japanese  restaurant  (coming soon)

  • My top list restaurants and cafes.


Since I am currently studying English, please let me know if I make a mistake.

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